Summertime Safety: Preventing Dehydration

young woman holding a plastic bottle of water at the gym

Anybody can be at risk for dehydration or heat-related illness. For preventing dehydration, check out our summer safety tips. These include taking extra breaks and drinking lots of water. Here’s our summer safety breakdown when it comes to heat and the potential for heat-related illness.

Drink Water

Water. It makes up to 60 percent of the human body. Water is needed to help supply us with nutrients, remove waste, maintain blood circulation and body temperature. It also protects our most important organs and tissues. Without enough water, we can become dehydrated.

Dehydration symptoms might show up in the form of muscle cramps, fatigue, thirst, and other unpleasant symptoms. When you’re dehydrated, thinking becomes foggy, we might lose our appetite, have lightheadedness, or kidney stones. In addition, your body needs more water when it’s hot out. You also need more water when you’re physically active. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re running around and having fun! Especially in the summer heat, water is key to helping your body stay healthy and hydrated.

How Much Water Do You Need?

The amount of water you should drink daily depends on your body, your health conditions, your medications, and other factors. While there’s no standard for how much plain water adults and children should drink daily, there are general recommendations. Drinking water should be a part of your daily routine, not something you have to go out of your way to do.

8 Tips to Stay Hydrated

  1. Drink water—and plenty of it!
  2. Know the signs of dehydration.
  3. Avoid alcohol, sugary drinks, and/or caffeine.
  4. Cool down. Limiting your time in full sun during the summer is a good idea.
  5. Eat foods with high water content.
  6. Pre-hydrate before a workout. Also, replenish when you sweat.
  7. Choose water before and during air travel.
  8. Infuse with flavor. Not used to drinking lots of water? Add fruit slices or sprigs of mint.

Stay safe, cool, and hydrated this summer! Use summer safety tips for preventing dehydration. MainStreet Family Care is open 7-days a week for all life’s little emergencies. If you’re experiencing an emergency or heatstroke, call 9-1-1.