Monoclonal Antibody Treatment FAQ’s


MainStreet Family Care and KidsStreet Urgent Care offering COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatments. These are for mild to moderate COVID-19 cases and for people at high risk of disease progression. The FDA has issued EUAs for two investigational monoclonal antibodies that can attach to parts of the virus. As a result, these could help the immune system recognize and respond more effectively to the virus.   If you get a positive COVID test result at one of our clinics and you are eligible you will be offered the treatment.  If you have gotten a positive COVID test results at a location other than one of our clinics, but you would like to get the treatment from us, you can!  See the section for how to register for an appointment below.

Which MainStreet and KidsStreet locations are offering this treatment?

Currently, all MainStreet and KidsStreet locations are offering this treatment. However, you must register for an appointment through our patient portal system.  Signup for a patient portal account and register here.

How do I register for an appointment?

First, sign up for a primary care account with our patient portal. Once logged into the portal, set up an appointment for a “COVID Antibody Treatment” appointment. You can learn more by watching the video below!

How do I know if I’m eligible to receive this treatment?

First, you must have a recent positive COVID test and bring proof of that with you.  Second, you must meet the criteria for treatment. In order to qualify for treatment, the patient must be 18 or older and weigh at least 88 lbs, and meet the following criteria for their age group. Click below to see who meets the criteria.

Monoclonal Antibody IV Treatment Criteria

What if I got a positive COVID test result at a location other than your clinic, can I still get the treatment from you if I am eligible?

Yes! Your doctor or provider should fill out this Patient Information Sheet and attach a copy of your test results. You will then have to create an account for our Patient Portal and choose an appointment time.

Please bring the information sheet with you to your appointment. Remember to ask your doctor about receiving the treatment with us if you receive a positive result and meet the following criteria listed here: Monoclonal Antibody IV Treatment Criteria.

If you have other questions about the treatment and how to make an appointment, please email

I’m a medical provider. Can I send someone to you for treatment?

Yes! Please fill out this Patient Information Sheet and attach a copy of the patient’s test results. The patient will then need to make a portal account on our website and book an appointment. Remember the patient needs to bring the information sheet with them to avoid having to get retested.

Who is the manufacturer and is it FDA authorized?

We currently offer the Eli Lilly antibody treatment bamlanivimab. Again, these treatments are for patients with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19. You must meet the eligibility requirements and be within 10 days of the onset of symptoms. While results may vary, and as with everything COVID-related, initial reports are positive. In fact, some reports show that receiving this treatment can reduce hospitalization by up to 70% for those eligible to receive it. You can read more here on the CDC’s website.

Eli Lilly Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

  • The drug used in the Eli Lilly monoclonal antibody treatment is called bamlanivimab.
  • This is a monoclonal antibody. It is specifically directed against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, designed to block the virus’ attachment and entry into human cells.
  • It has FDA authorization. You can find that information at by clicking here.
  • In order to qualify for treatment, the patient must weigh at least 88 lbs and meet the following criteria for their age group. Click below to see who meets the criteria.

Treatment Criteria

Do I get this treatment through an IV?

Yes. The entire process, not including wait time at home or at the clinic, takes approximately 2 hours. First, we administer the COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment through an IV. During this process, patients will be periodically monitored. After we administer the medication through the IV, patients are required to stay inside the clinic for approximately 1 additional hour.

Will my insurance cover this treatment? What if I am uninsured? What is the cost?

A clinic visit to get monoclonal antibody treatment typically has four parts:  (1) The co-pay for the office visit, (2) the cost of the office visit, (3) the cost of the medication, (4) the cost to administer the medication. The government covers #3.  You or your insurance must cover the other items.

Uninsured Patients

We are proud to offer a simple self-pay option of $125. The cost of the office visit and the treatment are all included in the simple self-pay fee of $125. If you have additional questions about our self-pay options, please contact us.

Medicaid & Insured Patients


We are currently waiving co-pays for COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatments as well as COVID-19 testing.

Office Visits

During your office visit, eligibility will be determined. Some patients may be symptomatic or at risk. As a result, additional tests and evaluations may be performed in the clinic. Different insurance providers deal with these in different ways.  Sometimes they make you pay toward your deducible for these.  In these cases, you may get a bill from MainStreet. For more information on what your exact plan covers, we recommend you reach out to your insurance provider.

Do I need to be tested for COVID-19 again or schedule a follow-up visit?

No, we don’t require a follow-up visit or re-testing for COVID-19 after your treatment. If your employer requires a re-test to return to work, please ask the provider during your visit when you should return.