MainStreet Family Urgent Care Opens Cherokee County Suboxone Clinic


With the opioid epidemic a topic of many political conversations, MainStreet Family Urgent Care is taking action by housing a medication-assisted addiction treatment program in one of their urgent care clinics. Cherokee County Suboxone Clinic is now accepting patients who are either already enrolled in a Suboxone program or are looking to begin a medication-assisted program.

“We wanted to do our part in combating the opioid epidemic,” said Dr. Timothy Taylor, Chief Medical Officer for MainStreet Family Urgent Care. “Alabama has consistently ranked at the top of the list for most pain pill prescriptions written per person, so we know it’s something our friends and neighbors may be struggling with. We felt that for those who need something to break the chemical addiction, Cherokee, Etowah and DeKalb counties offered limited options for medication-assisted treatment options.”

The Cherokee County Suboxone Clinic, located in the MainStreet Family Urgent Care clinic in Centre is offering treatment for opioid addiction that utilizes a combination of Suboxone and counseling. Suboxone is a prescription that contains the active ingredients buprenorphine and naloxone. The buprenorphine binds to opioid receptors in the brain, preventing other opioids from attaching. This ingredient is also a partial agonist which means it has a limited opioid effect that can stop withdrawal, but not cause euphoria. The naloxone is added to prevent abuse and misuse by also blocking opioid receptors and acting as an anti-agonist.

The program offered at Cherokee County Suboxone Clinic is built to encourage a well-rounded course of treatment by requiring that all patients provide proof of counseling each month. Additionally, Suboxone patients will be required to participate in monthly drug tests to safeguard communities from those who wish to abuse the treatment medication.

“Some people struggle with staying clean and need long-term assistance,” said Betsy Stewart, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “We want to ensure our community has every resource available to fight this disease.”

Limited appointments are available at the Cherokee County Suboxone Clinic and interested patients can call 256-455-3612 to set up an appointment. For more information, visit the website, LIKE us on Facebook, or e-mail