Leadership Development Program


You have come to the right place if you are looking to launch your best future and take your career to the next level.  We’re looking for eager graduates and entry-level professionals ready to embark on their leadership journey as part of our clinic manager Leadership Development Program (LDP).   

The LDP program is an intense three-year development experience designed to prepare you for a career in leadership. The goal is for you to be able to successfully run your own clinic within the first year of program participation.   The LDP program focuses on three areas of your development: 

  1. Knowing yourself – you will learn about yourself, build self-confidence, and self-leadership. 
  2. Knowing your stuff – you will master everything about how to successfully run a clinic.   
  3. Knowing others – you will learn what it takes to be a manager and leader.  

Knowing Yourself

NOLS Experience Photo by Lynn Petzold

The kickoff event to the program is a seven-day National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLSbackpacking trip through the red rock canyons of the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah. Click here for a PDF with more information. 

During the NOLS trip, you will get to know your fellow LDP classmates, begin to build your peer networkstart to develop planning and management skills, begin a lifetime adventure understating and working with team dynamics, explore your understanding of yourself, build self-confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles, setbacks, and fears.  

After the NOLS trip, you and your LDP class will participate in a number of group exercises and get feedback from DiSC and Myers-Briggs style personality reports.  You will also participate in the first of up to three 360degree feedback processes. The class will begin a process of reflecting on your core beliefs and goals, your work style, and time management using the Habits of Highly Effective People as the foundation.  

Knowing Your Stuff

Knowing your stuff is broken down into three main components:  Developing career skillsmastering all clinic functions and knowledge, mastering all Mentor functions and knowledge.  

  • Career skills are everything from email etiquette to your personal brand.  How to thrive in the workplace. 
  • The clinic skills and knowledge consist of two main components:  4 to 5 weeks learning all clinics positions followed by significant time working each clinic role. 
  • Mastering the Mentor function is again a mixture of training and learning followed by on the job shadowing and role-playing.  Mastering the Mentor function will also be where you learn about hiring and HR policies.  

Knowing Others 

Knowing Others is where you master many of the skills you need to be a successful manager and leader.  Using DDI’s EX:IM suite of interactive workshops you will master topics such as coaching for success, difficult conversations, managing and implementing change, motivating your team, working with peers, communicating effectivelyhandling conflict, and addressing poor performance.   

The Timeline and Commitment

This is a 3-year (yes, THREE) commitment to MainStreet Family Care.   

  • During the three years, we will heavily invest in you.  In the first year, we will help you lay the foundation for the leader you can become.  In the next two years, you will manage additional clinics and mature as a leader. At the end of the three years, we will work with you to evaluate where you are and where you want to be.  Do you want to continue and advance with MainStreet or do you have your eyes set on something else?  If so, we will help you leverage being a graduate of the LDP program to land just the right opportunity for you.  
  • To participate in the MainStreet LDP program you must be continuously available from May 17, 2021, to September 27, 2021. During this period, it will not be possible to be absent from the program, even for a day, including weekends, for any reason.   
  • You must participate and successfully complete the 7-day  NOLS portion of the LDP program in order to continue in the program. 
  • Vaccination:  All LDP candidates must receive the COVID-19 vaccination in order to participate in the LDP program.  You will need to make arrangements to visit one of our clinics (or otherwise obtain a vaccination) at least 42 days prior to May 17th and again for a second dose at least 14 days prior to May 17th 


MainStreet Family Care walk-in clinic in Millbrook, AL

The initial seven Day NOLS course is located in the canyons of the Rocky Mountains in Utah.   

The initial 18 weeks of the LDP program is based out of Birmingham, AL, and we will provide housing during this period. After the initial 18 weeks, we will customize the remaining time to each participant and calibrate with regional clinic leadership needs.  

You should anticipate being assigned a clinic within the first year and moving to a location near that clinic. This can be anywhere in the southeast region of the US. Other states are under consideration a well. Keep in mind, our clinics are typically in rural areas.  

Your Leadership Role

Our internal term for a clinic manager is “mentor,” which is the role you will be earning.

During your three-year program participation, you can be assigned anywhere from 1 to 4 clinics. The clinics you are assigned to can be anywhere in our footprint, and you may need to move locations more than once during the program as your assigned clinics can change.   

Once you’ve been assigned a clinic, you will be responsible for: 

  • Smooth-running clinic operations: ensure clinic staff and operations follow our standards 
  • Making sure that each clinic is delivering top-tier customer satisfaction and leading teams to reach these goals if underperforming 
  • Dealing with day-to-day questions from the staff/troubleshooting and problem-solving with the staff 
  • Clinic staff scheduling and monitoring against budgeted hours/payroll 
  • Ordering and managing medical and office supply inventory within budgeted levels 
  • Recruiting, screening, coaching, and managing the medical assistants that staff your clinics 
  • Enforcing company policies and procedures 


The clinics are open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day Monday to Friday, and 10 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, so you will be expected to be available to take calls during these operating hours.  You will need to be prepared and be available as needed during operating clinic hours to promote the success of your clinics.


You need to spend the majority of your work time in the clinics, so you must be prepared to travel to one or more clinics each day. Traveling from clinic to clinic and spending significant time at each clinic will be a foundation for your success and is required.  

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