Know A Neighbor Who Needs A Vaccine?

Grown-up daughter and old 80s father with computer

Know a neighbor who needs a vaccine? Maybe it’s the lady down the street. Maybe it’s your grandmother or a member of your church. As older Alabamians and Georgians are able to get the COVID-19 vaccine, let’s help those who want to be vaccinated. Here are a few ways you can help an older person you know to receive their COVID-19 vaccine.

Help Them Find A Testing Location

The “worldwide web” is not an easy thing to navigate when you didn’t grow up using it in school or for work. With the overwhelming demand for COVID-19 vaccinations, the first step is to find a location with availability. Ensure your neighbor or family member meets the criteria and select a location that will be only a short drive. Write down the website and print out our directions for web registration.

Offer A Ride To A Neighbor Who Needs A Vaccine

It sounds so simple. However, for someone who is older or lives alone, it helps to have support! Offer them a ride, bring your phone or a book, and wait in the car while your friend or family member receives their vaccine. We ask that patients wait at home and then in their vehicle until they are called to come into the clinic. This might take a little while. In addition to a ride, your friend, family, or neighbor will appreciate having someone to pass the time with!

Assist With Online Registration

Each patient needs to register online, from home, before coming to the clinic. There are a few ways you can assist your neighbor or family member when it comes to online registration.

  1. Print out the directions for online registration for them. Sometimes printed instructions on paper can make things easier as you’re trying to work through an online process.
  2. Help them prepare. They will need pictures of their driver’s license, the front and back of their insurance card, and a credit or debit card to reserve their test. You can learn more about this process here.
  3. Register with them. For those who have never registered online for a doctor’s appointment, this can be slightly overwhelming. In addition, there are a limited number of vaccines daily and registration typically fills up early in the morning.

When we all work together we can help our more vulnerable friends, neighbors, and family members get vaccinated against COVID-19!