July Adventures with Dr. Wags


Summertime is always the BEST time! Especially, when it involves activities such as face painting, jumpers, dance competitions, live bands, games, special treats, and much more. The adventures, laughter, and memories made for 2018 are by far some of the best we have had since joining the Moody community.

One of the highlights for the summer was attending Tunes Around Town in Ashville to show support for the band. Dr. Wags enjoyed competing in the competition with his friends Chick-fil-a cow, Bulldog, and the special needs frog. During this event, he enjoyed watching kids get their face painted and even did a little bit of dancing. In case you are wondering, YES, he even did the Keke dance!

Ashville Bulldog, Special needs frog, Baby Cow, Chick-fil-a Cow, and Dr. Wags having a blast at tunes around town.


Dr. Wags enjoyed hanging out with students from Ashville High School at Tunes Around Town.


Also, did you know that Dr. Wags is ready to trade in his White Coat to become a farmer? Well, he is beyond ready to spend a day out on the tractor after visiting Mr. Flemmings tractor collection in Odenville. Mr. Flemming has spent years restoring antique tractors to their former glory. We were shocked to learn that they still run. Be on the lookout for this display next year because it is definitely worth a visit.

Antique John Deere tractor.


Farmer Wags

Another thing we love to do here at MainStreet is to partner up with local events. This year we partnered up with the City of Moody to provide waters and a jump house for Thunder in the Park. Can we just say WOW! The day started off with great music, jumping with friends, spectacular food, and ended the amazing night with an incredible firework show. This event was a huge success and hundreds of people enjoyed an afternoon/evening making memories that will last a lifetime.

Life is better when you have friends to jump through with you.


Check out this BOOM!

Lastly, one of our greatest highlights every year is coming together to celebrate our amazing family here at MainStreet Family Urgent Care. Family appreciation week consisted of breakfast, lunch, t-shirts, ice cream bars, and a northern family picnic. During our picnic, we enjoyed competing for the northern family trophy and we are proud to announce that our Moody clinic brought home the trophy for the second year in a row. Yes, we like to rock out like that!

Northern Clinic’s picnic at Camp Sumatanga.


Relay race between teams to see who can dress the kids up like a doctor the quickest.


Ice cream bars are fantastic for a summer treat!


The staff loves a good taco bar. Cheese dip for the win!


We can not thank our headquarters enough for the love and support that they show each and every one of us. With that being said, BOOM to summer 2018 and the memories created.