Family Spotlight Monroeville: Ola Olurode, FNP-C

Family Spotlight Ola Olurude

Today’s Family Spotlight is on Ola Olurode, FNP-C! This amazing MainStreet staff member is a Family Nurse Practitioner at our Monroeville clinic. Ola is extremely dedicated and focused on the experience of our patients. She leads our team on the daily and ensures patients get the care that they need. We asked Ola a few questions about Monroeville and working at MainStreet so you could get to know her a little better!

What are some of your favorite things about the Monroeville community?

Being a part of a tight-knit community is one of my favorite things about the Monroeville area. I love the social bond that exists with most patients I have treated.  I adore the fact that I get to take care of generations of families. Another favorite thing about Monroeville would be the relaxed pace. There are no traffic jams or noisy streets or the hustle and bustle of an urban area.

What challenges do you see in the healthcare industry that you feel like you’re able to tackle by working at MainStreet?

I’ve really tried to focus on patient education. Patients are at a greater risk when they having less exposure to healthcare knowledge. One example of this would be preventative medicine. I try to provide healthcare knowledge so our patients might be less likely to develop unhealthy behaviors, which could possibly lead to negative healthcare outcomes. I do believe, with the right patient education, we can promote healthy behaviors. Healthy behaviors lead to healthy lifestyle choices, resulting healthy outcomes!

What inspired you to establish a career in the medical field?

My inspiration comes from the need to help others in need. I grew up in a country where affordable and accessible healthcare can mostly be attained by the wealthy folks, leaving others to fend for themselves. I chose this career to make a difference in other people’s life by advocating for safe and quality healthcare.

What is your favorite local spot to eat, hang out, or community event in Monroeville?

My favorite local spot to eat in Monroeville is Guthrie’s. This restaurant wins all the time. My go-to is their snack box, which is not too expensive and is quite filling.

Next time you’re visiting MainStreet Family Care in Monroeville, say hi to Ola! We are so happy to put a Family Spotlight on Ola Olurode and have her as a part of our team and she is excited to get to know each of you. Would you like to see a Family Spotlight on someone who does great work in the community like Ola? Send us an email at