Family Spotlight: Dr. Richard Wags, MainStreet Family Urgent Care’s Mascot


Family Spotlight: Dr. Richard Wags, MainStreet Family Urgent Care’s Mascot

Dr. Richard Wags is MainStreet Family Urgent Care’s favorite canine companion and company mascot!

This month we are focusing our Family Spotlight on our company mascot, Dr. Wags. Born in Dogtown, Alabama, our MainStreet Family found Dr. Wags as a young pup with a talent for making kids smile! We took him into our Family and raised him as our own.

Dr. Wags completed undergraduate degrees at both The University of Alabama and Auburn University. After supporting himself to achieve his dream of being the first dog to graduate from medical school, Dr. Wags dedicated himself to helping others in smaller towns like where he came from. Dr. Wags wants to ensure no one is without convenient, friendly and fast healthcare ever again!

Dr. Wags hanging with spiderman and the Chick-fil-a cow at the Moody Miracle League 5K.


Dr. Richard Wags loves getting involved in community events all around the Moody and Leeds area. In the past, he has participated in fun runs, parades, Oktoberfest, Creek Bank Festival and even the local mascot challenge, but he really loves events where he gets to dance and meet the children who live in the area. This upcoming month, he is especially looking forward to the Spring Fling being held at the Moody Primary School on April 20th because he will get to meet several new friends and tell them about MainStreet Family Urgent Care!

Dr. Wags participating in the mascot challenge.


If you’d like to see what Dr. Wags gets up to at all of our clinics, he loves to post about what he is getting into regularly on his Facebook page.

You can follow Dr. Wags on Facebook by following this link.

Next time you see Dr. Wags out and about in Moody, make sure you give him a big hug or a high-five! He would love to be your new friend!