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Urgent Care’s Role in Treating Seasonal Allergies

Each year 50 million people go to war. The enemy? ALLERGENS. The human body is constantly defending itself from these attacks. Dust, mold, and pollen wage war by eliciting very unpleasant reactions within the body. Allergy victims suffer through watery eyes, sneezing, headaches,  congestion and much more. What is an allergy? One of the marvels… Read more »

How to Handle Your Spring Allergies

Spring is beautiful, but it’s also a key time of year for seasonal allergies. As plants release pollen, millions of people with hay fever start to sniffle and sneeze. There’s no cure but you can take steps to curb springtime allergies, from medication to household habits. Causes The biggest spring allergy trigger is pollen. Trees,… Read more »

Allergies vs Colds: How to tell the difference, and how to get back to feeling better fast

It’s that time of year again. You know, the time of year when you get that tickle in your throat and you can’t tell if you’re getting sick or if it’s just the amount of pollen in the air. Or when your child’s nose suddenly is always running and you’re praying it’s just allergies and… Read more »