MainStreet Community Health Fair

MainStreet Community Health Fair

MainStreet Family Care is hosting a free, in-person, MainStreet Community Health Fair! During this event, we offer blood work and a Wellness Snapshot, both FREE to you. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with other local health professionals who work in other specialized fields. Wellness begins here at MainStreet and a healthy community begins with you.

How can I register for the Community Health Fair and get my free blood work?

You can register for the FREE MainStreet Community Health Fair in a few easy steps!

  1. Set up your patient portal account by clicking the link below. This will begin your registration and where you’ll receive your results.
  2. Register for your Community Health Fair appointment
  3. Complete your wellness snapshot
  4. Attend the event!

Begin registration here:

What should I expect?

When you arrive at the event, you’ll first be greeted outside of the clinic by one of our MainStreet employees. If you’ve made your Community Health Fair appointment and completed the online portion of Wellness Snapshot, you’ll be taken right away to complete your bloodwork! If you haven’t completed your Wellness Snapshot, no worries. We’ll help you create your patient portal account, complete the online portion of your Wellness Snapshot, and then you’ll be ready for your bloodwork taken.

You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions and mingle with other local health care specialists! Community wellness takes a village, and we’re bringing that village to you–all in one location!

What is a Wellness Snapshot?

Our free Wellness Snapshot identifies your specific health needs and how those needs can be addressed. Prior to you coming to the Community Health Fair, you can complete the online portion of the Wellness Snapshot. Then, on the day of the event, our clinic staff will take your vitals, do blood work to check your A1C, cholesterol, and more–all free of charge!

Essentially, the online portion of your Wellness Snapshot combined with blood work and test results will give you a good indication of what your health needs are and how you need to move forward. If and when you’re ready to take additional steps, we’re here when you need us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone come to the event?

Anyone can attend MainStreet Family Care’s Community Health Fair! Our goal is to bring together healthcare resources for everyone in the family, however, MainStreet’s free Wellness Snapshot is for those 18+.

If I don’t register before the event, can I still attend?

Yes! You can complete all the necessary information when you arrive at the event, but you could experience a longer wait time.

Do I have to put my credit card on file?

Nope, this is a completely FREE event!

Do I have to give my insurance card?

Once again, no. Since we are offering this event FREE, and your insurance company will not be billed.

When is the Community Health Fair happening in my area?

Fitzgerald, GA – May 22, 2021

More questions? Ready to register? Fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Community Health Fair Interest Form