Family Spotlight: Tracy Willingham, MA


For this edition of MainStreet’s Family Spotlight, we sat down with one of our Medical Assistants, Tracy Willingham!



Tracy Willingham is one of our amazing Medical Assistants here at our Moody, Alabama clinic. Tracy is a dedicated employee who comes in everyday with a smile on her face and ready to serve our patients with the highest care possible. As a matter of fact, during our family spotlight interview all she could talk about was how much she loves the local community and what a blessing it is to take care of our patients daily.

When Tracy is not working at MainStreet she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and 3 grandchildren. In addition, she enjoys going to church, spending time at the lake, and fishing.

Is there one memory that sticks out from your time working at MainStreet?

My favorite memory at MainStreet so far is when Ellen Hamby went above and beyond her call of duty to help a patient. As a matter of fact, she may have saved this patients life.  This memory still brings a smile to my face.  

Do you have a favorite thing about working at MainStreet?

In my opinion, the best thing about working at MainStreet is my awesome patients and team members. For me, my team is more like family than co-workers. In the end, I love my job, I love the patients, and I love the Moody community!

Tracy with her work family!


What is your hope for the future of MainStreet Family Urgent Care?

My hope  for MainStreet is that we continue to grow. In addition, I want the community to feel like they are apart of the MainStreet family and they view our clinic as their go to urgent care. 

What do you believe is your biggest accomplishment professionally?

I feel like my accomplishments occur daily when I help a patient feel better! Also, this job is helping me to gain more experience and knowledge that I know I will continue to use on a daily basis. I have no doubt that MainStreet is helping me grow professionally. 

 Stay tuned for future installments of Family Spotlight as we get to know our family members who take such great care of your family members!