Dr. Wags Visits Childersburg Elementary

Childersburg Elementary

Dr. Wags paid a visit to Childersburg Elementary in September. Dr. Wags spent time with lots of students and taught them about germs, how they’re spread, and the right way to sneeze and cough!

Our Friends at Childersburg Elementary

Dr. Wags stays busy around town, but one of his favorite things to do is teach students about germs. With last year’s flu season being so wide-spread, we want to make sure that all the kids in our communities know all about proper handwashing and how to stop the spread of germs!

At the end of the presentation at Childersburg Elementary, students learned about how to properly wash and dry their hands. Dr. Wags uses a product called GloGerm. It shows how germs can spread when we high-five, shake hands, and share school supplies. Then, at the end of the presentation, students use their new skills to wash their hands. Finally, a black light is used to look for hidden “germs” missed by hand washing.

If you want Dr. Wags to come to visit your classroom, daycare, or other children’s group to talk about germs and handwashing, please contact us at info@mainstreetfamilycare.com. Dr. Wags visits along with one of our MainStreet staff members to assist him.