Carter speaks with local radio stations ALEX FM WALX, WJAM, and Kix Country regarding the Flu


Flu Epidemic

A severe flu outbreak is filling Alabama’s hospitals, emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, and urgent cares, prompting governor Kay Ivy to declare a state of emergency. Alabama is seeing a tremendous amount of flu cases this year- more than normal.

Tara Carter, senior community educator speaks with Paul Alexander with Alex FM WALX, WJAM and Kix Country about the flu and ways to help prevent it.

“At MainStreet Family Urgent Care, we have seen over 3,000 cases of flu in the past two months, 70 of those cases being right here in Selma, with numbers steadily increasing as the days pass. If you are sick, feeling under the weather, or running fever, we encourage you to stay home and not go into work or school, in hopes to decrease the chances of spreading the illness. If symptoms worsen, we highly recommend that you seek medical attention immediately due to the risk of respiratory problems occurring.


Always avoid close contact with anyone who seems to be ‘under the weather’, stay home if you are feeling sick and/or running fever, cover your mouth and nose when sneezing, avoid touching your hands, nose, and mouth, wash/sanitize hands often throughout the day, drink plenty of fluids, and take Vitamin C to ensure a healthy immune system.

If you are sick and needing to see a doctor, MainStreet Family Urgent Care is located at 1475 AL Hwy 14 E in Selma. Our walk-in urgent care clinic is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 8pm, Saturday from 8am to 6pm, and Sunday 1pm to 6pm. No appointments are needed.